2pack 100 LED battery fairy lights

These fairy lights are excellent. They come as a two pack with their own separate remote controls. They take 3 AA batteries (not supplied) but the batteries last well. The remotes are very easy to use as long as you point in the direction of the control box.

I like that the wire is so thin that it is not overly noticeable. The lights are a warm white which is the colour I prefer as it has less glare. They are perfect for a lounge or a bedroom in the evening, and are also suitable and safe for outdoor use.

The lights have a timer function so they can automatically come on for 6 hours a day at a time of your choosing. This can be easily overridden if necessary.

The brightness can be adjusted by remote, and there are 8 patterns of light. My favourite is mode 4 (In Waves) as it’s very soothing!

These are really very, very good quality for the price.


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