aLLreLi 34W / 6.8A 4-Port USB Wall Charger with US, AU, UK, EU International Plug (Interchangeable)

Hi all,

So i know that no review was required for receiving one of these fantastic handy USB plugs, but i just happened to have my phone on me when opening so figured why not.


The packaging is quite nice, showing exactly what you get in the box and with some fairly clear information on it.


Opening the box reveals exactly what you would expect.


However i was pleasantly surprised by the method for connecting the plug, and it works very well.

I’ve tested it with a couple of devices and both seem to charge ok, although it isn’t a fast charger, but then such is the price you pay for being able to do 4 devices at once.

Overall i’m impressed with how it works, and if you are in the market for such a device then its worth snapping one up.

Cheers all



I would really 1 of these it come in very handy it’s so cool looking