Allreli USB POWER ADAPTOR review

Arrived from Amazon when it was supposed to.
Packed neatly in small box.
Box contains 4 AC plugs for use in US,UK,AU,EU, also the main adaptor,and instructions…
The adaptor can charge 4 different devices at one time. Mobiles,Ipod,iPad,digital cameras and other music devices.
You can use it in over 150 countries so ideal for going on holiday.
The adaptor also has automatic multi voltage changing so can go from100v to 240v AC/DC

The adaptors are easily changed to whatever plug is required.
This appliance is compatible with all makes of mobiles,iPads etc.
The package does not contain USB cables, but at £7.99 is a great buy.
Charged 3 phones pretty quickly.I had them on charge
and they were all charged.efinitely would recommend this product for home or abroad not too bulky and keeps all your sockets free in the house by using 1 instead of 4


Hi it looks good for a very bissy house hold and could do better at work you can keep all your devices at one time top up so you you can keep your devices in one place

Yes Edith it’s a handy little gadget and compact

I received mine also but not had chance to use it yet I’m just wondering if the charge time was the same as it would be if you charged up each device on separate chargers or was it slightly longer thanks :smile:

I’m going to Iceland in December would this plug be OK to take there"?

Hi Zoe it is compatible in 150 countries and has 4 adaptors.
To be sure I would mail allreli