Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage and Alexa compatible

Ok, i was really looking forward to receiving this camera and reviewing it for you all, so lets get on with it.

So the packaging is fairly simple in design with nothing really standing out, it is easy to open and i have to admit i didn’t expect it to reveal the contents as it did.

Inside you will find the camera, along with a sync module, a USB plug and cable. The plugs provided are both UK and EU, Also there is a fairly thick instruction manual (don’t panic only 3 pages apply to english).

The instruction manual is where i have my first issue, the instructions within are quite literally terrible, with a distinct lack of images or instruction, other than download the app and follow the on screen instructions.

For example if you are not an IT Consultant and rather tech savvy you may not have a clue that the sync module is the sync module. No where does it say you need to plug this is to the USB cable and then into the USB plug.

Once you have plugged in the sync module, and have started the app, it asks you for the serial number from the sync module which is found on the back, on a positive note the app automatically brings up the camera so it can scan the small QR code and read it, which is helpful as if you have bad eyesight you may struggle.

Once is has linked with the sync module it will update the firmware which takes about 1-2 minutes and then you can connect the camera, before you do make sure you have taken the back off the camera and installed the batteries provided. Again if you have any dexterity issues taking the back off may not be the easiest of tasks. When connected it will give you some tips

These amused me, as surely the idea of a “Smart” security camera is that is can tell you when someone is approaching etc, not just passing the camera.

The manual and the app give you no indication as to where to put the sync module other than saying near your router, i positioned mine in the middle between the camera and the router. I used some sticky pads to mount it so i can see the led lights to make sure no problems occur without me knowing.

Installing the camera mount was very easy, however i found that once the camera mount is installed trying to clip the camera itself on to the mount was far from easy, mainly because it moves around and requires a fairly vast amount of effort to get it to clip on.

This concludes the installation, now on to the use of the camera…

The video quality of the camera is average at 720p, i also found that the video was rather broken down as you can see in the image below.

You may be surprised to know i don’t have a large green bar in front of the camera, Also you can see the blue lines all over, noticeably on our kitchen door, the top of my range rover and the huge blue ghost of my Mazda mx5 in front of the range rover. This is something i would expect from a £15 camera not something £99.

Then we come to the delay or lag on the camera to the app, it is immense, the best i had was a 3 second delay, the worst was enough for me to walk up my driveway and in the house without even appearing on the video until i was into my front room.

As for the link to amazon alexa devices, i have 2 of the amazon shows which work brilliantly with my Ring Doorbell Pro to show me who is at the door, sadly the Blink refused to connect after waiting 3 minutes, several attempts later and still the same result.

So to sum up,

If i had paid out good money for this, it would already be back in the post being returned for a full refund, you can get much better security cameras for considerably less money, that have a better picture quality and faster response.
If you are considering this as a home security device for peace of mind, then look elsewhere.

The only good thing is the cloud storage which is free.

Hope you enjoyed my review



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Thank you for your detailed and unbiased review! :+1:

We just shared your review to Facebook and Twitter.

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Thank you for the chance to review the camera, just sorry the review wasn’t more positive.
I did try to include as many photos as possible and look forward to hopefully reviewing something else in the future.



Thanks for the review Tony been looking at these but it looks slightly complicated to install.Great to know when you are thinking of purchasing