DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Phone Gimbal Review

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Very excited to be selected to test and review this device. Can’t wait for the package to arrive. Watch this space for my review.

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07 September 2019



This is a fantastic gadget for video projects or budding vloggers. It is easy to carry around and this gimbal has excellent stabilisation. Being a novice on gimbals, I cannot compare its performance with other devices, however, on the practical side, you would expect to find strengths and flaws in this device. Three major things I wish to highlight: (1) tripod is not included in the package, but I think this is essential (2) your phone camera should have image/video stabilisation feature (3) if you have sweaty hands, buy some rubber grip.

P1150300 P1150301 P1150303 P1150302

The package came in a brown recyclable box. The gimbal is securely contained in a styrofoam case with a plastic hinge. It comes with a charging cable, quick start guide and disclaimer & safety guidelines. The gimbal is not waterproof and one interesting advice is to discharge the battery to 40%-65% if it will not be used for 10 days or more. Allegedly, this can greatly extend battery life.


  • Case: 75 x 155 x 303 mm
  • Device: 72 x 113x 295 mm
  • Weight: 485 gms


  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Slow motion
  • Hyperlapse
  • Timelapse
  • Works with Filmic Pro App

The gimbal appears solid but mainly plastic with metal locking knobs. This makes it light to carry around. The clamps that hold the phone is secure although it’s makers may not have considered that a lot of phones nowadays have thick protective casings. Phones do not sit nicely in the clamp notch. I occasionally get anxious that the phone could snap out of the clamp and dissolve into nothingness.

P1150315 P1150306


A tripod stand is not included in the package, however, I have one at home as you will require one for setting up and doing calibrations. I did notice, however, that in the case, there is a notch that will hold your gimbal upright. You’ll see that on the photos. This was probably pure coincidence as this feature on the case isn’t mentioned in the manual.

P1150304 P1150305

You obviously need to download the app DJI GO, the first 3 equipments were drones, continue to swipe left until you find OSMO Mobile 2. Charging from a flat battery took 2 hours 45 minutes on a 2.4A intelligent charger (manual says charging time is 2 hours). Battery indicators will blink whilst charging, turns solid when full. Linking your phone to the mobile gimbal is by Bluetooth. The black textured button is the joystick to move the camera up and down, left and right. The black button with the red dot is to start/stop the video and to take a photo.

Screenshot_20190904-225300 P1150299

With the phone image stabilisation off, the video capture is jittery despite the gimbal’s hard work. Make sure that this feature on your phone is kept on.

During the recording, the footage is smooth and tracking mode works exceptionally well, however, the gimbal will struggle to track if the subject quickly moves side to side. The photo below shows what you see if you hold the gimbal upright. That black shadow on the right is part of the gimbal. Few things you can do to solve this problem is to tilt the handle either 45 - 90 degrees. Another way is zooming in slightly until the shadow is out of range.

In normal circumstances, you can tilt up and down or pan your gimbal left to right and your camera will follow. Press the M button once and the camera will stay facing forward even if you tilt or pan the gimbal. Press the M button again and it will revert back to its usual function. There is another function which is my favourite - the Pitch Lock button - pitch down and up and the camera stays forward, but yaw left and right and the camera will follow that direction. This feature can be found in the gimbal (blue) setting.

Few things to note:

The gimbal can’t do a full rotation, so if you do a timelapse, it won’t be a complete 360. This is due to the protrusion as you can see in the picture.

At the back of the handle, there is a USB port if you want to charge your phone, however, you can’t charge whilst you are filming unless the charging port on your phone is on the top. My phone has a bottom charging port.


Please bear in mind that the battery is non-changeable and the handle is plastic and slippery when hands are wet with sweat.

The settings are quite easy to navigate and self-explanatory.

Screenshot_20190905-171049 Screenshot_20190907-202835

Unfortunately, if you are planning to travel light, bringing the gimbal in its original case may prove a challenge. Actually, DJI could have shaved a few mm from the styrofoam case. I am even thinking of ripping the top cover off the styrofoam case and just protect the gimbal with folded shirts on top. I hope you found my review helpful.


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