esLife Wireless Doorbell Review

esLife Wireless Doorbell Review

The parcel arrived fast and in a great compact packaging.

Inside the package contained

  • 2 plugs
  • 1 door bell
  • 1 pair of screw for fixing to walls/frame ect.
  • 1 sticky pad to stick the bell to surfaces
  • 1 set of instructions.


The product esLife wireless doorbell was very easy to set up. It screwed easily to the wooden frame around my door and the plugs easily plugged in, 1 plugged upstairs and 1 plugged downstairs, the chime of 5he door bell is a very nice 4 second long melody and light up with a bright blue line. The distance that the wireless plugs work from is great we even tested one in the back shed and it still worked a treat.

Only downside to the doorbell is when the visitor presses the bell they would be unsure if the bell works or not as there is no indication of a connection.

Overall the item is fast installation, easy use and very effective am I would give the product 4.7/5 :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

Fantastic product.

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Edit💥After 28days of the doorbell being in place it’s still working as good as it did the 1st day its soo much better finally having a door bell that works.