Free aLLreLi USB Wall Charger & Free Delivery (39 available, first come first serve)

aLLreLi told us that they have to return or disposal new products from Amazon Fulfillment Centre because of Amazon’s “long-term storage fees

Instead of disposing new products, aLLreLi provided 39 wall chargers to OwlDeals Community.

We just received wall chargers and we will dispatch it to you via Royal Mail;

  • No review required;
  • First come first serve;
  • For the member who registered before 20 Aug 2019 (Include 20 Aug)

Do you want one charger with UK, EU and US plug? Select “yes” to get one for free

  • Yes
  • No

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We will not share your email and delivery address to aLLreLi;


I am greatly willing to try this out if given a chance to do so

First come first serve means you will receive a wall charger :smiley:. Please provide your address via private message

I would love love love the chance to review this we always need plus in this household

Just keep the wall charger without writing a review

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Ohh well just to keep is even better like i said always need chargers in a house with 3 children lol :joy:

Admin how do you give your address please

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How can I send you my address? Private message to who?

I already sent you my details by PM, I found how to do it :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem lol. Click on admin or on the owl and it give some you the option to send a message

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I would love a wall charger please


Love to try this :blush: always good as everything usb chargers nowadays

Yes please! I would love if you would consider me for this x

Yes please would love to test

Would love to test one of these how shall I message my details?

I have messaged my details x

Would love to test this brilliant when going to different countries :crossed_fingers:

What a wonderful offer…I have sooo many things now that are powered via USB this would be extremely handy xx
PM’ed info ty

Yes please I want one :point_up:t4:

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