IKEA (& Sonos) Symfonisk WiFi Bookshelf Speaker Review

This speaker arrived a couple of days ago, and I have been trying it out ever since.

It arrived a couple of days after I was notified of its order, and a link was provided enabling me to track the parcel and leave delivery instructions for the driver.
It was tightly packaged and looked very secure; the box wasn’t too bulky or heavy either.

Once opened, there is the speaker itself, as well a power cable, and an ethernet cable for wired internet connection if WiFi isn’t available/fast enough.

I chose the dark gray speaker colour, and it looks like this:

The setup was incredibly easy; all I had to do was download the Sonos app, and follow a few steps such as naming the speaker and connecting it to the WiFi.

Once setup, I tested the sound with a few different songs. The sound quality is fantastic, and can reach surprisingly high volumes. The bass range is also very impressive.

Controlling the music is easy; this can be done from the Sonos app itself, or more simply via whatever popular streaming app out use (in my case spotify)

It also looks really sleek, the fabric finish on the front works really well with the smooth dark sides.

The speaker can be mounted as a ‘bookshelf’, however brackets need to purchased separately for this. I opted to lay it on its side in front of our TV, however it also has feet (as visible in the photo) to be stood vertically.

Price wise, this compares incredibly well to most of the rest of Sonos’ range, and without sacrificing much in the way of quality.


Looks fantastic I would love to have received this for my grandson

Looks lovely and it’s good to know the sound quality is great too!

That looks really good .

I would love to try the bookshelf speaker

Would to test this speaker