KooPower Battery Operated bottle lights

So these quite fabulous bottle lights are amazing. There are 6 in the pack and have six light functions. I will warn you the battery section is NOT waterproof so bare that in mind when you decide where to place them. They come packaged in a very Christmassy box. Brilliant for those of us who despise wrapping so huge score there. Also for the more absent minded of us they have a 24 hour cycle. 6 hours on, 18 hours off. So say you start them at 1pm. They will shut off around 7, then start back the next day at 1pm. You can also manually shut them off and turn them on yourself. Battery wise don’t worry, they take a standard type of button battery. No more worrying about finding a weird battery type!

For the fact it’s a 6 pack, lovely packaged, has its own cycle, are a beautiful white colour (though you can get multicoloured) and actually have a battery I can pick up at the supermarket I give it 5 stars.

Quick edit to say when I have a bottle that does the lights justice I’ll add it on. Seriously these lights are gorgeous.