New: Follow other members

Follow function allows you to follow other users, list the latest topics involving them and receive notifications when they post.


  • Profile
    • “Follow” toggle in the user’s profile and user card.
    • New profile tab (“Network”) listing:
      • Users you’re following
      • Users following you
    • New profile statistics (listed on the profile and user card), toggled by a site setting:
      • Number of users you’re following
      • Number of users following you
  • Topic List . If you follow other users you see a topic list with the latest activity of users you are following. This topic list will have all the same functionality as other OwlDeals topic lists.
  • Notifications . Notifications for activity of users you follow are similar in structure to following a category:
    • Notifications are triggered when:
      1. A user you’re following creates a new topic
      2. A user you’re following replies
      3. A user follows you
    • Notifications include:
      • An in-app notification
      • An email, according to the user’s email settings
      • A push notification, according to the user’s push notification settings


Follow Topic List


Profile Lists

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