Pack of 6 bottle lights

I really like these lights, they come well packaged in a box of six. They already have 3 small round batteries in them so all I had to do was pull out the plastic tab and switch on.
They fit perfectly into any wine or spirit bottle and have a strong wire with plenty lights along it.
They have 4 different light patterns steady on, Chasing Flash, In Waves, Slow fade and Slow Glow, switching between patterns is simple as the button is located on the plastic Cork on top of bottle.
The thing I really liked about them is the timer function, They are already programmed to stay on for 6 hours then automatically turns itself off for 18 hours. So say I turned them on at 1pm, they would go off at 7pm and turn on automatically again at 1pm next day. This is easily overridden simply by switching them back on or off.
I did take a video but my mobile doesn’t want to upload it. When my new one arrives tomorrow I shall use that to upload it and add it on.
I would recommend these lights to anyone, I have had a few friends comment on them and say how classy they look.


Yes I would like to test this product in the kids Wendy house as they don’t have lights in their and you can replace them as and when you need to very good idea

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Hi Edith, This was my review from testing them, you would need to keep your eye open for them coming up for review again sorry. Check the free samples section regularly and hopefully they’ll be up for review again and you get the chance. I agree they would be perfect for a Wendy house as they give off enough light and if kids left them on they would automatically turn off after 6 hours, they also do not need to be plugged in or charged so extra handy

These sound lovely. I like that they have an auto shut off function.

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