Review of esLife Wireless Doorbell - Easy to install and with great features

I was looking forward to test this product as I did not have any doorbell at home. I live in a block of flats and everybody needs to nock on my door when they come to visit me.

After few days out, I arrived home and I found the parcel delivered by Amazon. The doorbell came in a small box, safe and in good condition.

The box contains

  • 2 receivers
  • 1 transmitter
  • 1 double-side adhesive tape
  • Screws to attach the transmitter to the frame of the door
  • User manual

I tried immediately and I was surprised by how easy is to install it. The receivers only need to be plugged in and started to work straight away. They came already paired with avoid the inconvenience of do it yourself. I really like that you can change their location so easily. I plugged in one in the living room and the other one in the kitchen which is at the opposite side of my flat.

The transmitter is outside, on the entrance door frame and it worked from the first time it was installed.

There are several remarkable features of this doorbell.

First of all, the possibility of change the location of the receivers depending of your preference. The receiver installed originally in my kitchen was plugged in into my bedroom at night time.

In addition you can adjust the volume what is very useful when you don’t want to disturb others like children sleeping or at night time (I reduce the volume when we went to sleep).

Also you have plenty of ring tones to choose from and they can be changed whenever you want.

The flashing light can be very useful for hearing impaired people. You can have the doorbell with sound, light or both at the same time.

What I miss is a flashing light on the transmitter to let visitors know that the door bell is working when they use it.

Definitely a good product, very easy to install and with great features to be adjusted for anybody taste

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Would this work on a double glazed door, would it still be as easy to install? :blush:

While i have not tried this exact product i have had a similar one, and that you could either screw the bell to the door or use a good quality sticky pad which obviously wouldn’t be damaging to a typical door. :slight_smile:

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We currently live in a first floor flat and door intercom system has never worked. Would be great to test this doorbell :slight_smile:


My doorbell has never worked it would be great to test this out it’ll save the post man kicking on my neighbours door

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I think you wouldn’t have any problem. I have used the sticky pad which was included in the package on my front door, as I am renting and I am not allowed to use any screw :cry: I haven’t use it on glass, but it should be fine


That’s exactly what I did, and it’s still in place :slight_smile:

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