Review of KooPower 6 Pack Bottle Lights

Firstly, you should know that I REALLY like lights! Solar, smart, motion sensored, dimmable, touch sensitive, candles, battery or just plain normal - I have them all and love them all, so it was a pleasure to be able to test these.

They arrived well packaged in a parcel that would fit through most letter boxes, so no “we tried to deliver a parcel, but you weren’t in, so now you have to drive miles to the middle of nowhere to a depot that is only open at inconvenient times to collect your package” dramas.

Once into the parcel, the lights are well cushioned and protected, and look quite cute, it seemed a shame to disturb them!

I took the protective tab out of the battery packs and tried all six, thankfully all were working fine. So, no problems there - now on to seeing how they held up to actual use. I firstly tried them in the way they were meant - in a bottle. It is very simple to get them into a bottle, but is an art to get them to look as though they haven’t just been shoved in, but that might be just me - I am not the most artistic! Luckily, once they are in and lit, they look brilliant however they have landed.

I am not sure about the colour of the battery pack/cork. If it is intended to look like a cork, it has failed, and to be honest it looks a bit cheap and tacky. Maybe they could think about a range of colours so as to mix and match depending on the occasion? Again, fortunately once in place, it fades into the background, so is not a major issue.

On then to the task of seeing how else the lights could be utilised. I thought a nice idea would be to wrap them around the outside of a wine bottle which could be given as a gift, drunk and then used to put the lights in, so tried them outside to see if that was possible.

It worked quite well, and I think makes a simple gift of a bottle much more special. The wire the lights are on is very pliable and I managed to wind it around my bedstead, mould it into a heart and wrap it round a picture frame to good effect. The only issue with those ideas is the battery pack/cork as it tends to get in the way, so the best use for them is as intended.

These are super little lights with much to commend them. They have a choice of five modes for variety, and a timer so that their batteries don’t run out if you leave them on accidentally (plus the batteries can be replaced, another plus). Really, there is nothing that should stop you from getting these - they do exactly what they are meant to do, and I am sure more artistic people than me will find new and creative uses for them!

One note of caution - for me, customer service is a vital part of how I view a company. With that in mind, I emailed the Koopower support line to see how they would react. I asked a straightforward question about registering my new product, and should they ever get back to me, I will update this review, but it has already been three working days and I haven’t had any reply, so I am not sure they would be great if there was a real problem. Update: Koopower replied to my email a few hours after posting this review, so about three working days. I am sure those two events are entirely unlinked and I am just impatient! It was a friendly, professional reply, if a little long in coming.

Lovely lights, great as gifts, cheap and cheerful, 9/10.

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