Review: USB Rechargeable Heated Gilet

This heated vest jacket is really good quality, and really well made. The outside is a waterproof material and it is fleece lined. It is powered by a powerbank (which is not supplied). It has two external large lined pockets and one internal pocket which is where the powerbank connects.

Once the powerbank is connected, the heating is activated by two small buttons on the jacket’s breast. You can heat the back or the front of the vest jacket, or both at once. A long press of 3 seconds activates the heat, and short presses cycle through the different temperature options, each with a different colour light. I was wary of its claims to heat up instantly, but that is true. It also heats up to the neck on the back which is lovely.

The sizing is okay, but a little on the small side, especially considering the layers one would already wear when hiking. It didn’t come with instructions but it was quite easy to figure out, and the product details and instructions are all on the Amazon page.
The only design flaw is that the outer pockets are open, which is an issue in the great outdoors. Zips or velcro would have added some peace of mind.

It is, apparently, machine washable if you tape up the USB connector, but I haven’t done this yet.

I’m really pleased with it, and I think it’s worth the price tag (currently £45.99) for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits.

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