[Sample Claimed] Ikea SYMFONISK WiFi Bookshelf Speaker


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The Ikea Symfonisk wifi bookshelf speaker available in black and white.


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Love speakers and would happily test and review this. Music is a very big part of my life so good speakers are a must.


I’d love to test, I love that it’s wifi enabled. It’s something I’d definitely useiusei.

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I don’t mind which colour. Love wireless speakers and would love to test this one.

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What a fab product to test. This is just what I’ve been looking for

Great product, be delighted to be a tester

I would love to test this wifi speaker. I love that it can be wall mounted and used as a shelf! This would be perfect in my meditation space.

Love the idea of the speaker also being a shelf, what a creative space saving idea.

This would look great in my bedroom!

This looks great would love to test it

I would love the opportunity to try and review the product

I’d also like to test the speaker, it looks very stylish and I’d be interested to see what it sounds like :slight_smile:

I could actually do with this, my kids keep claiming all the speakers I get for themselves and they have terrible taste in music.

I would love to try these speakers I love music and it’s something I can keep to myself instead of borrowing my kids

We’ve just bought our first home together and this would be perfect

Good do with some new speakers so would love to test these

Wow I would love to test this.
I love nothing more than reading and relaxing with music on in the background.
This would fit in nicely on my shelf and I love how compact it is.

Music is the key to our hearts anything to add to that is worth trying

Like to test this speaker my daughter and I often play music during day and would sound so much better coming through good speaker ( memories from when I was young with hifi and big speakers lol) but luckily this speaker is lot more discreet and takes up lot less room

Send me this product for an honest review with pictures. Music is a big part of my day so will happily review this smart looking speaker