Tips to write a review

Tips to write a review

At OwlDeals Review, we promote authentic reviews because we want to help consumers make the best buying decisions. Whether your experience was positive or poor, we encourage members to exercise complete honesty.

Congratulations, you’re ready to write your very first review! Follow along our process to compose and publish a review on the OwlDeals Review website. Happy Reviewing!

*Refer to our steps below to learn how to publish your first review.

How to leave a review?

  1. Go to “Product Tests” category
  2. Click “New Topic” button
  3. Now to put your thoughts in writing! (you can insert images and emoji to your review)

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Issue with large photo or video

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We adjusted max size of attachment from 4MB to 10MB. If the size of your image or video is larger than 10MB, please upload it to imgur, then copy the url to your post, our community will embed it automatically



Consider these tips when writing your review:

  • Be specific. What features do you love? Instead of just saying that you like the product, explain why. Use clear examples of specific experiences - the more details, the better.

  • Be readable. Use proper grammar and be sure to check your spelling.

  • Be objective. Try to highlight both positives and negatives in your review, even if your experience leans heavily in one direction.

  • Be relevant. Try to avoid off-topic details or personal opinions not relevant to your direct experience of the product.

NOTE: The above tips do not constitute review guidelines, but rather are intended as best practices for generating a useful, well-written product review.